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View the winners of the 2019 Residential Architect Design Awards.

The 2020 Residential Architect Design Award Are now Open for Submissions!


2020 Residential Architect Design Awards 

Regular Entry Deadline: October 2, 2020 (11:59 PM, Eastern)
Late Entry Deadline: October 9, 2020 (11:59 PM, Eastern)

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Registration Guidelines
The Residential Architect Design Awards (RADA) recognize outstanding work in advancing residential design. Judging will take place in October 2019. Winning entries will be notified in October 2020, and published in the December 2020 issue of ARCHITECT.

RADA has a completely digital entry process. Please use either Chrome or Firefox as your browser when registering and completing the forms.

Entries should be submitted by an architect or designer. Other building industry professionals may submit projects on behalf of an architect or designer. Projects outside the U.S. are welcomed. Any home or project completed after Jan. 1, 2016, is eligible.

Standard Entry Categories ($150)

  1. Custom / 3,000 Square Feet or Less
  2. Custom / More Than 3,000 Square Feet
  3. Renovation (residential remodeling and additions) / Adaptive Reuse
  4. Restoration / Preservation
  5. Multifamily Housing
  6. Affordable Housing
  7. Architectural Interiors (build-outs, interior renovations)
  8. Student Housing
  9. Outbuilding
  10. On the Boards (any unbuilt residential project not yet completed)

Specialty Entry Categories ($120)

  1. Kitchen
  2. Bath
  3. Architectural Design Detail

Individual projects should be submitted in only one Standard Entry Category. Projects may be submitted to a Standard Entry Category and one or more Specialty Entry Categories

Important Dates 
October 2, 2020 → Submission deadline for standard entries
October 9, 2020 → Submission deadline for late entries (will include late fee of $50.00 per late entry)

$150 → Standard Category Entry
$120 → Specialty Category Entry

Please Note: You will be charged a $50 late fee per entry for any materials submitted after 11:59PM, eastern time, on October 2, 2020. You will pay this late fee at the end of the submission materials section. All late entry materials must be received by 11:59PM, eastern time, October 9, 2020.

No refunds will be issued.
All materials submitted to the 2020 Residential Architect Design Awards program become the property of Hanley Wood, which will not be responsible or liable for them. Entry fees are non-refundable.

How to prepare your entry
For ease of entry, RADA is fully digital. You can register, complete your entry forms, and upload your entry materials (including images, drawings, and plans) by submitting everything through this website in a three-step process.

  • STEP ONE:  Register your project and pay entry fees.
  • STEP TWO:  Fill out online entry forms and upload your entry materials, as outlined below. During this step, you may also return to this website to add to or modify your entry at a later date.
  • STEP THREE: Finalize and submit your application. In order to submit your application, you must go through the payment wall at the end of the submission materials section, regardless of whether you submit a regular or late application. In addition, once you finalize and submit an entry, you will not be able to edit it further.

Entry Materials:
Your entry will consist of an online entry form and supporting documents that can be uploaded to this website.
The online entry form will ask for the following:

  • Entrant Information (contact details for the person preparing the entry)
  • Firm Information (contact details for the firm responsible for the project)
  • Client Information (contact details and client description)
  • Project Information (including description, site and zoning constraints, square footage, etc.)

After filling out this information, you will have an opportunity to upload supporting documents for your entry. Files can be .jpg images with a maximum width and height of 2,000 pixels, Microsoft Word .doc files, or .mp4 files. You can upload up to 20 files total, not to exceed 50MB total. 

These supporting documents must include:

  • Photographs of the completed project in .jpg format
  • Site plan, floor plans, and sections in .jpg format

Optional documents include:

  • Energy modeling diagrams, drawings, and model photos., in jpg format
  • Performance qualifications and diagrams, in Word .doc or .jpg format
  • Videos in .mp4 format 

Rules and Regulations

WHO CAN ENTER  Entries should be submitted by an architect or designer. Other building industry professionals may submit projects on behalf of an architect or designer. Projects outside the U.S. are welcomed. Any home or project completed after Jan. 1, 2016, is eligible.

PUBLICATION  Winners will be featured in ARCHITECT Magazine with expanded coverage online.

ENTRY CATEGORIES  During the submission process, you will be asked to identify each submission by type (see categories above). Only one category may be selected per submission, and each project may only be entered in one Standard Entry Category. Projects entered in Standard Entry Categories may also be entered in Specialty Entry Categories.

PROCESS DOCUMENTATION  Entries should document the design process, as well as its result. Photographs of the completed project and floor plans are required. Sections and detail drawings are optional. ARCHITECT encourages entrants to include copies of preliminary sketches, alternative preliminary schemes, information on context, precedents for the design, and excerpts from working drawings, all of which should be submitted in .jpg format, with a maximum file height and width of 2,000 pixels.

ANONYMITY  To maintain anonymity in judging, no names of entrants or collaborating parties may appear on any submission materials except where specifically requested on the online entry forms. Do not, however, conceal the identity or location of projects. 

ENTRY FORMS  Each submission must be registered online ahead of the submission deadline using this website. Additional materials must also be uploaded to the website prior to the submission deadline.

PUBLISHING RIGHTS  All materials submitted to the 2019 Residential Architect Design Awards program become the property of Hanley Wood. Hanley wood retains the right to consider all non-winning entries for future publication, but entrants will be notified beforehand. Keep a copy of all entry materials for your records. Note that awards are left up to the judges’ discretion: An award may not be granted in each category. All entries will also appear online in ARCHITECT's Project Gallery.

REGULAR ENTRY  Regular entries must be registered and submitted online by October 2, 2020. The fee is $150 for submissions in Standard Entry Categories and $120 for submissions in Specialty Entry Categories, as outlined above. Entry fees must be paid online by credit card, and are nonrefundable. Regular entries must still proceed through the payment wall at the end of the submission materials round and the cart will be $0.

OPTIONAL LATE ENTRY  For an additional $50 fee per submission, late entries may be submitted by October 9, 2020. Applicants submitting all or part of their application after October 2 will pay the late fee. Fees must be paid online by credit card at the end of the submission materials round.

QUESTIONS  Check out our FAQ or e-mail RADA@hanleywood.com.

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